Sample version of completed Waste Management Plan

Waste management and Minimisation Plan for Events

Auckland Council has an aspirational vision of zero waste by 2040.

The Waste Management and Minimisation Plan (WMMP) is an important document as it shows us how you plan to deal with waste generated by your event.

A WMMP must be submitted as required by the Waste Management and Minimisation Bylaw (see below). Waste Management and Minimisation is not just the collection of waste from an event venue, it is managing the event waste to keep as much as possible away from landfill.

It is important that you include a site plan with your WMMP. The site plan should indicate where you will be placing your waste stations and how many bins you will be using in each waste station.

Waste Management and Minimisation Bylaw

A Waste management and minimisation plan is required for trading, events and filming in council-controlled public places.

Waste Management and Minimisation Bylaw 2019, Part 2, section 15. (1) A person who must obtain an approval under any other bylaw that applies to Auckland to undertake any trading, event or filming activity in a council-controlled public place must – (a) obtain an approval for a waste management and minimisation plan in accordance with subpart 2 of Part 3 prior to undertaking that activity; (b) ensure compliance with the approved plan; and (c) ensure compliance with any conditions of the approval.

Waste stations

A Waste station consists of 2 or more bins. There is usually a bin for general/landfill waste and a bin for recyclable items. Better waste stations will include 3 bins. There would also be a bin for organic material (food/compostable server ware)

Waste Collectors

There is a list of collectors under the Waste, Recycling & Food Waste Collectors Service providers section in the Zero Waste Events website. Collectors can vary in the service they offer, and it is best to work with a collector who will do a post event sort. A post event sort means that the bins will be taken back to their base where the contents will be checked and sorted to maximum waste being diverted away from landfill.

Waste Management and Minimisation Plan Guide

The WMMP below shows a short description what is required in each box and an example of the information which should be provided.

Following is a sample completed form. If you have any queries, please email our Zero Waste Events WMMP Advisor at

Sample Form

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