Waste streams and what to do with them

 Public areasFor your vendors
ReuseCloth bagsCardboard, signage, timber 
RecycleSoft drink bottles, glass bottles and jars, aluminium cans, brochures, leaflets and newspapers, flexible squeeze bottles, single use plastic cups (must be clean/empty and made of 1, 2 or 5 plastic), milk bottlesGlass bottles and containers, plastic containers made of 1, 2 or 5 plastic, e.g. milk, cream and detergent bottles, food and cleaning material bottles, flexible squeeze bottles, ice cream containers, butter/margarine, yoghurt containers, some clear plastic cups, tins.  
Soft plastic (must be collected separately to any other recyclables and taken to an appropriate drop off location) 
CompostCertified compostable packaging, compostable cold drink cups, coffee cups plates, cutlery, etc compostable, napkins, paper plates, stirring sticks, wooden cutlery, leftover food Certified compostable packaging e.g. compostable cups, plates, wooden cutlery, etc food preparation waste, leftover food, compostable packaging. 
Used cooking oil should be collected separately (see our Waste and Recycling Services page for more info
Avoid/ disposeRegular disposable coffee cups, cigarette packets, plastic bags, individual sauce containers, crisp packets/candy bar wrappers, cigarette butts, disposable nappies, broken merchandise Plastic cutlery and plates, polystyrene packaging broken merchandise 

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