Book Loan Gear

  • Auckland Council loans Zero Waste Event gear to assist community groups and schools in minimizing event waste sent to landfill (Auckland regional events only). All loan gear is offered free of charge.

    A large variety of loan gear is available. The gear is suitable for all event types – from small events of less than 100 people through to large events of 5000 people plus.

    Small event loan gear includes, but is not limited to:

    • Colour-coded plastic pyramid tops (red for landfill, yellow for mixed recyclables & green for compostables)

    The large loan gear includes, but is not limited to:

    • Tear-drop banner flags
    • Waste grabbers
    • Litter bin covers

    Please note, large loan gear is for experienced event organizers. E.g. must have bin station monitors.

    As an event organizer, you are required to supply your own wheelie bins (240L) to sit underneath the plastic pyramid tops. You are also required to have a thorough waste disposal plan for ALL waste collected.

    A list of waste and recycling collection service providers can be found here

    All gear loaned is subject to availability. Bookings should be made at least 10 working days prior to your event. For more information, please contact or to Book Loan gear fill out the form below.


    Part 1 – Event & Contact Details

  • The official name of the event that will be referred to on any applications
  • Main point of contact responsible for delivery of event
  • :
  • :
  • Part 2 - Loan Gear Booking

    Small Loan Gear

    Plastic pyramid bin covers - Compost (green), Recycling (yellow), and Landfill (red).

    Mesh screens for attaching sample waste - Compost (green), Recycling (yellow), and Landfill (red).

    Please select the quantities of small gear you would like to book

  • Large Loan Gear

    Auckland Council has large gear available for loan, Caps, Aprons, Gloves, Tear drop banner flags, waste grabbers and more. It is for the more experienced Zero Wasters. A scale is available to help you calculate waste diversion for your event. To request a scale, please email:

    Please select the quantities of large gear you would like to book:

    To learn more, find our Zero Waste Events Grant webpage under Resources Available, or copy this link:
  • Loan Gear Agreement

    We expect that you, the borrower of the gear, will:

    1. Read the Zero Waste Event Guidelines to gain a good understanding of the principles of running a Zero Waste Event.
    2. Make all effort possible to follow Zero Waste events ‘best practice’ including:
      • Separating landfill, recycling & compostable materials during the event
      • Having waste stations monitored by volunteers during the event
      • Disposing of all waste, recycling & compostable materials in the correct manner post-event i.e. not sending compostable or recyclable materials to landfill.
    3. Wash & dry the bin covers before returning.
    4. Return all gear in full & in the condition it was loaned out in. If gear is lost or returned damaged you may be charged.
    5. Please ensure the gear is in the agreed place for the courier to pick up post-event. If the courier has to make multiple trips you may be charged.
    6. Send us any pictures you have of the loan gear in action during the event.
    7. Send us statistics of waste diverted at your event if this is available.